Tonight I finally got the chance to set up my VR rig, calibrate the sensors, fit the goggles around my enormous lollipop noggin, etc etc. Having yet to install a single piece of dedicated VR software I only have one rock-solid opinion about the thing so far, which is: holy shit I sure do hate seeing the fucking Facebook logo in every third dialog box

Also completely unreal that the store interface appears to be a ten-foot Chrome tab suspended, midair, within the den of a higher-end central Californian AirBnB. Vaulted ceilings, a mountain-view wraparound deck, etc. I def get the desire to keep new users grounded until they can click their way into the store BUT LIKE. Yall couldn't dream up an Atlantean bazaar or a cyberpunk trade show? We have to do this in a place I think I hate-Zillowed last month? EXPERIENCE 4D but no shoes on the couch

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