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Honestly I feel like every social network should require you to maintain a server running an unfamiliar software stack in order to secure your participation. Anyway let's not backsolve how long it took me to ferret out this postgresql installation issue ha ha ho ho

remember, general chat is only as dad-jokey as you make it

Some days it feels like my entire personality is a product of the fact that I will forever be too sweaty and loud for any form of futurist-minimalist digital austerity

Also completely unreal that the store interface appears to be a ten-foot Chrome tab suspended, midair, within the den of a higher-end central Californian AirBnB. Vaulted ceilings, a mountain-view wraparound deck, etc. I def get the desire to keep new users grounded until they can click their way into the store BUT LIKE. Yall couldn't dream up an Atlantean bazaar or a cyberpunk trade show? We have to do this in a place I think I hate-Zillowed last month? EXPERIENCE 4D but no shoes on the couch

Tonight I finally got the chance to set up my VR rig, calibrate the sensors, fit the goggles around my enormous lollipop noggin, etc etc. Having yet to install a single piece of dedicated VR software I only have one rock-solid opinion about the thing so far, which is: holy shit I sure do hate seeing the fucking Facebook logo in every third dialog box

“You gotta keep ‘em federated”
— Dexter “Neur0lok” Holland, on setting up his Mastodon instance

Sheesh being alone on your own server is an EXTREME MOOD. College move-in day vibes

Wow it is so exciting to use this cms for the first time????? Will this post actually get stored in a database??????? Can I change my avatar without segfaulting my server?!?!?!


Word barf, but friendly word barf